Changing the Digital Game Over the Years

Meet Founder & CEO

Rohit Sharma

Journey From Freelancer to Multiple Business Owner and Still Consistent

As a founder and director of Digifix Media, Mr. Rohit Sharma initially started as a freelancer but is now an efficient digital marketer. Fortunately, he was persistent in his freelance job and later evolved it into Digifix Media, which is perceived to be a premier digital marketing agency that has embraced the implementation of unique innovation and best practices in meeting clients’ needs.

In their capacity, Rohit has grown the company’s business under his leadership and ventured into different areas of business operations, which shows his versatility and businesspersonhood. But over the years Rohit still actively participates in business processes and has not lost sight of the main principles, which are honesty, work with passion, and focus on the customer. It is also great as a motivation for young people to see how the man who was a freelancer a few years ago was able to build up several businesses.

he quickly gained recognition for his digital marketing prowess. His relentless dedication and innovative mindset transformed his freelance career into Digifix Media, a renowned digital marketing agency. Under his leadership, the company has flourished, delivering exceptional client results and expanding into multiple business domains. Despite his achievements, Rohit remains deeply involved in daily operations, upholding values of integrity, hard work, and customer satisfaction. 

Skilled Team of Creators

From dedicated SEO strategists to creative web designers, we have the people who can plan and execute the right plan for your company.


Our Partner Companies

At Digifix Media, we are proud to collaborate with a diverse range of partner companies that excel in their respective fields. Together, we strive to deliver exceptional value and service to our clients. Here are our esteemed partners:

  1. Digifix Media – A leading digital marketing agency dedicated to enhancing your online presence and driving business growth through innovative marketing strategies.

  2. – A premier coaching institute committed to providing top-notch educational services and helping students achieve their academic goals.

  3. Euro Thread – Renowned for offering the best grade Nylon Threads, Euro Threads, and Polyester Threads, ensuring superior quality and durability for all your threading needs.

  4. – A comprehensive platform that provides detailed interpretations of your personality, values, and interests. It offers insights into key areas such as career, marriage, love, wealth, and health, focusing on specific times in your life to help you navigate opportunities, challenges, and significant events.

We operate as a marketing agency that combines skills, creativity, and the ability to extract actionable insights, from data. Our team consists of individuals who value work and putting plans into action.
Increase your presence to connect with an audience. With expertise, in SEO, social media marketing, PPC advertising, email marketing, content marketing, and more, our agency provides marketing solutions. Recognizing the uniqueness of each client’s needs, we take an approach to help them achieve their marketing goals. We collaborate closely with clients to grasp their business objectives and create a customized strategy tailored to meet their requirements.

Rohit Sharma is the Founder and CEO of Digifix Media, is the youngest entrepreneur aged 22 belonging from Noida (India). He is still a student but is a skilled and passionate Digital Marketer and Social Media Communicator, also has WordPress skills. His fondness for blogging, technology, and Digital Marketing makes him the best entrepreneur. The passion that he holds sets a differentiating example of how one can be a multi-tasker.
Rohit Sharma {Founder and CEO}
Paid ads and funnel
Aashu Sharma carries an experience of 10+ years with him. He started his career as a WordPress Developer after 6-7 months he joined another Organization wherein he acquired Knowledge around SEO(Search Engine Optimization), SMO(Social Media Optimization), SMM(Social Media Marketing) and Advanced WordPress Designing. After a few months, he was made Team head.
Aashu { Google Ads / PPC }
Meet Vikas having over 3 years at Digifix Media currently act as a social media and branding specialist. He has threshold skills in developing perfect strategies that have the potential of making brands more popular online. Clearly, Vikas is proficient in various platforms and plays a vital role in making Digifix Media a strategic that appropriates well in competing with other digital marketing firms.
Vikas {Social Media and Branding }
Meet Saurabh – an SEO professional for more than five years at Digifix Media and a man of deep dedication to the craft. He also focuses on getting the most out of the digital marketing approaches designed to increase search visibility . Saurabh’s vast SEO practice has been central to the growth and success of almost all clients that Digifix Media has been associated with.
Saurabh { Seo }
Bhwana is a seasoned social media manager at Digifix Media, bringing over five years of experience to the table. With a keen eye for trends and a strategic mindset, she excels at creating engaging content, managing online communities, and driving brand awareness. Her expertise spans various social media platforms, and her innovative approach ensures that Digifix Media stays ahead in the dynamic digital landscape.
Bhawana {Social Media Manager }

Our Executive Team

Our success is a result of teamwork and building upon our technical expertise
and creative style providing a full-service solution to our clients.

Priyanshu Pal
Video Editor & Social Media
Ravi Verma
WordPress Developer & SEO
Ranjeet Bhagat
PPC, Social Media & SEO
Vijay Pal
Branding & Press Release
Content Writer & Facebook Ads